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CryptoRoute Information Web Service for trading cryptocurrency according to arbitration strategies. We help traders find the most profitable coins and exchanges for cryptocurrency trading and calculate profit for any type of arbitration strategies.

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The easiest and most effective way to find a profitable arbitrage transaction
Secret knowledge is revealed to you, a complete slice of information on all exchanges and all coins. Choose the most profitable coin for the transaction at the moment. Instant filtering and sorting by 10 parameters are available. 

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A special section of our menu; this service allows creating the entire transaction step by step and calculate the final profit, taking into account all the costs per cycle. For example, you buy ETN on one exchange, sell them on another one, buy LTC with the money you received, and sell them on the first exchange. To be profitable, after four buying and selling transactions, it is required to take into account all the points, trade fees, transfer fees, and order book sliding. This is impossible without automation; and you shouldn't bother since we are here for you!

Price converter

The most delicious transactions are the least obvious. Each trader sees a profit if it is possible to buy for $10 and sell for $15.
In the world of cryptocurrencies, everything is much more interesting; you may buy ZEC for USDT on one exchange and then sell them for MTC on another one. The profit in this scheme is not obvious, because the $270 is not consistent with BTC 0.04458. Our service will allow you to bring different coins to one unit of measurement, instantly calculating the difference between assets and finding profitable options.

Order pice calculation

For any arbitrage transaction, the trader needs to know at what price to place an order for sale or purchase in order to get reliable profit of a given size. When trading on "old" exchanges or instruments in dollars, it is easy to calculate the order price in mind; all successful traders know the multiplication table perfectly but figure out quickly what price to sell DOGE with five zeros after the point to earn $15 is not a trivial task. Thus, our CryptoRoute service is necessary for this purpose as well.

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Прошло больше двух месяцев как я стал писать в твиттере и нашем телеграмм канале сигналы к сделкам по календарному спреду.

Резюме по публичной торговле календарём за два месяца

11 Марта 2021

Всем праздничного ХО-ХО-ХО, дорогие друзья. Предлагаю вам заработать на календарном спреде. В связи с резким ростом стоимости биткоина сейчас на рынке сложилась преинтереснейшая ситуация.

Новогодний подарок.

28 Декабря 2020

Один из наших клиентов прислал нам свою историю, про то, как он торговал опционами на Биткоин, с его согласия мы публикуем её в нашем блоге....

Страх, ужас и прибыль на опционах.

19 Октября 2020

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We provide the premium service for the most demanding crypto traders, so all rates include the following:


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10+ days 10%
30+ days 20%
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365+ days 45%

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