Partner program

Earn with us.

You may get up to 25% from our customers’ payments. 

We propose to active users of our service to earn money with us!
Generate your promo codes and invite your friends to join our service. Each payment will add funds to your wallet.
And to attract your friends to enter your promo code, offer them a discount!
Establish your personal amount of discount.

The more customers will pay with your promo codes, the more your personal referral discount will be!

to 1000 $ 5%
From 1000 From 10 000$ 15%
From 10 000 to 50 000$ 20%
Over 50 000$ 25%

Let us revise the program conditions:

  1. You can divide your referral discount into two parts, one part is a discount your friends will get from the standard price for this promo code, and the other part is a percentage that goes to your balance from the payment made.
    For example, your total discount is 15%, you have generated a promo code, which assumes 5% to be received by the customer who entered your promo code when paying for the CryptoRoute.PRO service access and your reward of 10% of its payment.
  2. The reward for promo codes is credited only to customers with an active subscription at the time of crediting funds to our account.
  3. If the account of the creator of the promo code is not active, the customer will still receive its discount.
  4. Each promo code has its own validity period.
  5. At the same time, it is possible to generate up to 5 promo codes for each account with the individual distribution of reward percentage.
  6. The credited reward for participation in the referral program may be used to pay for the CryptoRoute.PRO service access.
  7. The reward is paid in the cryptocurrency only. The fee is born by the payee.
  8. To avoid fraud, all requests for payments are verified manually by the administration of the service.

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